Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013.

2012 was an amazing year in the sense that it was very foundational for the rest of my life. I’ve truly experienced God’s grace this year in ways I did not expect. And yet, I knew God had a load of surprises up his sleeve for me this year, so in a way I expected him to come through in a big way…anywho. Tonight marks the official termination of my time as a ministry intern at my local church. I’m not going to lie, I’ll miss walking straight to the toilet and putting on my badge; making sure it looks straight before heading out to my office…perfectionism much? 😉

One thing that may be noticed is that I didn’t blog much  this year and that’s because a lot of the changes and experiences were not meant for display but for my inward reflection hence the need to not document the roller coaster that was my life in 2012. As I’ve said, there were a number of new things this year and revelations as well. Some of these include:

  • Realising that deep down I still love economics. (As a result of this i have decided to pursue a career in economic research. So grateful to God for his affirmation in this.)
  • Writing will be a big part of my life especially in ministry.
  • I always thought at least before entering the internship program that i was a 4 point Calvinist. Turns out the more I studied theology, the more I realised that I just didn’t understand the doctrine of limited atonement well and was in fact, and still remain, a 5 pointer.
  • Also, I changed from an all out egalitarian to a quasi-complementarian…HA! Whodathunk?!
  • I’m crazy passionate about discipleship and apologetics.
  • I’m not going to be a chef like i thought i would but I do still have a quirky desire to make cheese, bake bread and brew beer. All the ‘obnoxious’ stuff foodies like to do. Then again, I AM a foodie. Just not the pretentious post-modern types you’d likely find in an episode of Portlandia.
  • My prayer life has totally transformed. I’m not at a peak but I’m definitely not where I was two years ago.
  • Travelled to Rwanda, Mombasa, Malindi and Pokot this year. My first time out of the country, and more opportunities to travel within for leisure and mission work happened.
  • I still LOVE books! I bought about 30 books this year…that’s a lot. I’ve only read about a sixth of them so next year will be quite a year of reading for me.
  • …so much more than i can place here.

Here are a few things Lord willing, that i hope will happen in 2013.

  • Moving out.
  • Publishing my first collection of short stories.
  • Commencing work on my heavy metal band’s ep.
  • Beginning drum classes at The Conservatoire.
  • Enrolling for a diploma in counselling at Daystar University.

All in all, i can honestly say that I’ve seen God’s hand at work this year. It wasn’t always great times but overall, it was a blessing of a year.

So here’s to the next year! Let us celebrate the goodness of God because he truly is a good God!

May the coming year be a time of deep reflection, spiritual growth and advancement for God’s kingdom, his glory and our good!


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