To the ‘Unknown God’…

I remember listening to this song and loving it. I still do. I think Sting is one of those musicians whose musical honesty is above most others who try to simply shock and make money rather than be artistic. The truth is, I listen to a lot of ‘secular’ music- a lot more than ‘Christian’ music. (I’ve always wondered about that term ‘secular’ and where it came from…) and it’s a deliberate choice as ‘controversial’ as it may sound to some…or many.

Even with those who are not in Christ, there is a strange affinity towards this God that they don’t know in a saving sense, but who represents their greatest of hopes especially in times when they look around and see that the ‘Church’ and politicians and science all on their own…just aren’t enough. However, this affinity all on its own can never be fully realised outside of Christ neither is it ever fully acknowledged for what it really is; a desire for true worship.

So even for people in this ‘arena’, their despair when expressed openly and honestly, in fact serves God’s plan (shock!) because they realise that hope cannot and will never come from within our human constructs; that salvation has to be found from ‘outside’-all of which explains what John 15:15 says; that there are people serving God’s plan even when they don’t know it, but as sons we can see the pattern of common grace in history, creation and culture and know that God is still at work and that if one is to follow this pattern in faith, they may actually be led to a saving grace.

I know it sounds like a stretch…but i guess that’s just the way i see it!


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