Miracles Still Happen.

Sometimes i wonder how it would be to not have left the faith nor questioned it beyond the point of ‘stepping out’ and it seems that it’s a reality i can’t fathom. It gets really awkward a lot and strange when explaining my spiritual history thus far. So i rarely speak about it.
I was speaking to a friend this Saturday about Jesus, and life in general. One thing that really stood out is the fact that in as much as grace is a gift, so is faith. Never in my unbelief could i fathom the truths of Christianity and now that i am a follower of Christ, i can’t believe that my life was so fundamentally split and fractured so much so, that it is the absolute truth that i could not have come to a knowledge of God on my own. It had to be a gift.
Right now i’m about half way through a sermon preached by John Piper regarding The Unwasted Life.
I simply had to pause it and write this down; a recognition of grace and faith. That miracles do happen, and they happen everyday. We just need to be receptive and consistently aware of their possibility and occurrence.


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